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Crafting Communication Clarity: Mastering Business Writing for Influence and Compliance

January 11 @ 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Crafting Communication Clarity: Mastering Business Writing for Influence and Compliance

Unlock the secrets of crafting your contracts, claims, requests for equitable adjustments, protests and other supporting documents for compliance and influence. Dive into a half-day survey that explores the art of drafting clear contracts, and persuasive supporting documents in government contracting. Your primary mission is to use your writing to bring business certainty to the transaction. Muddled writing works against that primary purpose.

What you will learn:

1. Elevate your writing skills to create impactful documentation for successful business outcomes.
2. Gain the confidence to navigate complex negotiations with persuasion.
3. Understand the nuances of word choice, grammar, and persuasive techniques.
4. Improve your professional writing skills and stand out in the competitive world of clear and persuasive government contract documentation.
5. Craft contracts that meet legal standards and also resonate with insight and clarity to ensure compliance and program success.

If you are a professional seeking to elevate your writing skills, join us to uncover the secrets of compelling business writing and harness the power to influence with every contract and document you produce. This class is not just for contractors, but all professionals (Government, non-profit, industry , etc.) seeking to vastly improve their writing skills.

“Muddled writing reflects muddled thinking. Communicating clearly and effectively is always a key skill of the contracting professional seeking sustained leadership.” – Tom Reid, author of Sustained Leadership WBS.


John Plinke